Who Is Ms Modeller?

I was 5 when I went to my first airshow. My dad took me to RIAT in 1997 and ever since I’ve had a burning passion for aviation and re-making those beautiful flying displays at home. My dad built me my own little airport with scraps of wood which I used to fascinate myself for hours with.

My introduction to modelling was a 1/48 scale Spitfire. I was perhaps ‘too young’ at the time but would revisit it a few years later and become absolute obsessed with the hobby. However, I found a glaring problem with every review – I’d see them and just think…”I can’t do that.”

Ms Modeller was the website that I set up to do reviews of kits I was struggling to get reviews of, and because I feel like reviews tend to be written by professionals who make kits to a standard that most can only dream off.

 I wanted to be that ‘girl next door’ vibe modeller, who just made models for fun and gave reviews relative to the average modeller. 

I have a passion for creating bright and colourful models, and I’m currently re-creating kits from my childhood. Obviously, I ruined them when I was younger – so I thought I’d try and apologise to the modelling gods by sacrificing my time to do the kits justice. 


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