Scale Model World 2017

Well as it does every year, the ultimate model show has come around yet again. Hosted in the city of Telford at the International Centre across all three of it’s main halls – it is easily the largest show in the world for scale model enthusiasts. The show also features stands from many of the major model companies too, most prominently Airfix, Special Hobby, and Revell.

I visited my show as a part of my club this year, though in a smaller capacity than usual. I was only able to visit for one day and did not spend much time behind my stand (for a few reasons) – this did allow me the time to wander around and see every single stand. The variety this year seemed even more glorious than last year. Clubs go all out, each year, to create the most diverse or original display that they can.

This year featured celebrations for the United States Airfoce (in it’s 70th year), which was represented by a stand representing the display teams of the USAF. Another large stand, spanning about a quarter the length of one hall showed a large selection of aircraft that the USAF had used since it’s official formation all that time ago. Some of these aircraft were larger cargo aircraft and made from resin kits. Their weight alone makes you appreciate the amount of time and effort gone into these giants of the skies.

The international section featured some recurring representatives too, such as the Italians, Israelis, Belgians, and a large selection of French and German clubs (with many more too)! These add a lovely opportunity to see models from clubs that we often wouldn’t see, and also to see some unique models that many of us may not go through the effort to reproduce ourselves.


Of course, the traders were ever present. Modellers had an opportunity to buy kits from a wide array of vendors – so whether the interest was tanks, aircraft, spacecraft, ships, fantasy, sci-if, or anything else – you were given ample opportunity to find whatever  you wanted. As usual there were a fair few second hand model dealers (as is the standard). Despite this, I only manged dot walk away with two models – but they were things I had wanted for a long time!

Importantly,  there is still a ‘section’ for children too! With Role Models being the club for aspiring modellers. Airfix also provide the opportunity for people to build a kit and take it home too. Though I also feel sorry for those who do this towards the end of the day and leave with a plane their child has made still with a rather thick layer of damp paint. But, where would the fun be without it!


Overall the show was a resounding success! It was a fantastic day out, and I’m proud that my club got third place for our stands display.

Below you can find a video of the show below. Normally I take photos only, but this year I wanted to show a wider variety – and video seemed like the format for this! Let me know what you think, and enjoy!

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