Airfix Spitfire MK1A – 1970s Tooling

Airfix is a brand with a rich history, one that is very closely associated with the Spitfire and it’s ever growing presence in the modelling world. Though newer tools of this kit have come to pass in recent years I was very curious about the edition with my favourite box art. So….what do we get?

Well the set I bought was the “Authentic Collectors” edition – perhaps the most gate keepery term in the modern age! But at it’s release it was obviously meant to appeal to newer modellers and those just obsessed with Supermarine’s majestic Spitty!

As a result of buying the kit in this condition the kit was well kept and had no real signs of decay beyond some apparent speckling on the larger wing roundels. Not bad for this example dating back to 1999.

The kit can be painted with Humbrol’s modern release – the RAF set, which I used in this example. It is a cheap set of paints which are somewhat subject to clogging…but you get 3 brushes, and all the colours you need to produce a lovely Spitfire.

I did use Citidel’s inks (Aagrax earthshade) and Revell’s weathering set pigments to add on some finishing details…but otherwise I just used the Humbrol set. Honestly, I’m impressed by the value for money here.

But….as an older kit…how does it hold up?

Despite my canopy sitting askew due to my own fault with the pilot being fitted after assembly (I was busy adoring him on my desk being all cute) the kit falls together really well. It does need some putty to fill in the gaps – I used Milliputty mainly around the wings. Otherwise I didn’t experience any real worries or concerns.

But would I say Buy or Fly?

If you get this for a bargain – and I’m talking under £5 then yes, it’s worthwhile. It’s definitely one of the better older toolings (just imagine me scowling at the Airfix Gnat kit which I somewhat despise). It won’t leave a newer or more experience modeller frustrated or angry, yet at the same time can provide some challenges that are easy to overcome (such as the gaps to be filled).

On the proviso you get it for a bargain and you have nothing else to build immediately I’d say buy…but otherwise I’d personally recommend a newer tooling – such as Airfix’s new tooling from 2010 (let’s pretend that’s new, mmkay, otherwise I feel old).


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