Airfix’s Hurricane in 1/72; Unsung Hero!

At the start of the year I went to IWM Duxford for Airfix’s Unsung Hero event and during that visit I picked up Airfix’s Hurricane – something I’d been meaning to pick up and buy for many many years. However, the Hurricane had always just eluded my grasp.

My original plan was to do a video on the event and then a video on the model kit. However, life happens and I just never got round to it. So many many months later I’ve finally got around to making it. But to add a disclaimer: my model was attacked by my cat when taking photos – ruining the finish, destroying the rear wire antenna receiver post (whatever it’s properly called) and losing the tail wheel. Oh dear.

Inside the box you get some absolutely beautiful sprues. The detail on them treads a careful line of being true to the aircraft whilst not complicating it so much as to be overwhelming to the newcomer. It translates into the building too where there is a good representation of the true to life engineering behind the aircraft – whilst again still remaining entirely accessible.

I found the construction of the aircraft to be genuinely beautiful. I’ve built a few Airfix kits recently and I am always genuinely suprised by the quality of these kits. I know this Hurricane was from early on into Airfix upping their game but it really does hold it’s own still.

I didn’t find there to be any significant gaps, any issues with fit. Nothing. It just …worked.

Though this kit does come with some paints – I, as usual, opted to use my own paints. As with my Lancaster build I used Lifecolor’s RAF Battle of Britain paint set. The paint is the perfect match for RAF paints. Now, I did have to compromise from using just the airbrush – in order to try and ‘dirty’ the look I used my brush to stipple the front join the top and lower wing surfaces to make it look more used. I also did touch up work and ink work (Citadel inks) with a brush too.

I did loose a part – the antenna mast – and I did also mix up the in-wing transparencies with that of another kit so they don’t ift perfectly either. Despite all this, I think I still got a nice result – even after my cat Archie’s tremendous assault! Truly this is testament to the kit!

Buy or Fly?

This is an easy one – buy this kit. It’s fantastic. An easy build with little work required to make an expert looking appearance!


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