Lincoln Model Show; New Looks, Cosy Vibes

Despite spending much of my childhood visiting family in Lincolnshire and refusing to eat sausages that aren’t of the Lincolnshire variety, I somehow never did Lincoln model show. I know, I’m as shook as you are…so this year I was invited to the show and saw it as a sign to attend.

Having had my Covid and flu jabs the day before, I woke up slightly late for the show day. Combined with flooding on the roads for me to reach the show (last time I chose a fuel-saver route in torrential rain) it meant I arrived just after midday.

Finding the show was easy, and when reaching the road of the show it was well signposted. I always like when clubs make the extra effort to signpost it.

The rain couldn’t stop the warm welcomes from the hosts of Lincoln model show – who positively made it feel like summer. The show was £3 per person (if memory serves) which is a bargain and was located at a new venue this year – Lincoln Christ-hospital School. The show was spread between a main sports hall and a secondary smaller hall.

The smaller hall was the first one you saw after entry and was really to show Lincoln and Newark’s model displays. Lincoln’s varied from Digimon to aircraft carriers and everything in-between; whilst Newark had a more military focus – whilst both were superb. Also in this hall were a few stalls which I think were primarily the clubs, one of which led me to purchasing a Revell Fairey Rotodyne.

The main hall was where all the main traders and model clubs were, less the hosts. There was a beautiful variety of (mainly) Northern clubs. Despite the show clashing with Yeovil it was perfectly full and I really enjoyed seeing clubs that I rarely see outside Telford.

This show is smaller but that isn’t a bad thing. There were traders like and The Crafting Well and many other traders spread around the outside of the hall. Inside of this were 4 rows of clubs each with their own unique charm.

I videoed and photographed each club and spent about 2.5 hours at the show, and would say this show is a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday. It’s the main advantage of smaller shows; you never feel rushed and never have to worry about sore feet walking around all day!

Lincoln was a lovely show – I want to attend Yeovil next year so hope this doesn’t clash, as I’d love to return and see the show grow over the coming years!


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