Winter Model Show – Midland’s Air Museum

The Midlands Air Museum is famed for it’s impressive collection of jets – featuring cold war classics like the Hunter, Mystere, and Mig 21 to the more modern Tornado and Harrier. It is a truly lovely collection that I’ve visited more times than I can count.

The entrance to the museum has never stopped being anything short of iconic – with models lining the ceiling and a model and book shop that your local model shop would be envious of. This impressive display continues into the first display of the museum and into the wider displays.

This show is hosted by the museum themselves and supported by the model club rather than the opposite in the summer show. The main difference is that the show focuses on the model vendors/suppliers rather than model stands. It’s very different to a more traditional model show – but allows you to find some great bargains.

The mode clubs themselves are situated in a building outside which was warm and full of beautifully characterful displays – perfect for a cold December day!

As for the museum itself…it’s busy. Very busy. This isn’t the time to go to look at the aircraft and get those clean photos you want to cherish for the future, but is a great opportunity to get inspiration for some models. I took a walk around and snapped some pictures though I was much quicker than I perhaps would be on a non-show day. I’ve many pictures from this museum, and just enjoyed seeing it all again.

Overall this is a shopping experience first and foremost. A great opportunity to get models for yourself, your friends, or significant others. A chance to top up on the those supplies for the long winter nights!

I just hope I get to experience the contrasting summer show next year too!


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