Loire-Nieuport 411 1/72 Azur

The Stuka is an icon of World War 2. Yet, it wasn’t even the original gull winged dive bomber…the French had this much before the Stuka prototype was ever produced. The French had, in my opinion the most beautiful dive bomber ever conceived which started with the Nieuport 140. Once merged with Loire the aircraft continued to be developed and eventually became the Loire Nieuport LN41 series – becoming the LN 401 and LN411.

The aircraft has seen very little recognition. It’s bizarrely even omitted from the French aviation tree in War Thunder – despite being the perfect first bomber or CAS aircraft for the French. So it was no surprise that the only true major international release of this model kit was by Azur who specialise in aircraft that no-one else sees the value in!

The boxart of the plane depicts it in it’s naval form – rather weirdly considering the aircraft (the LN411) was the Army version. I assume that the aircraft was meant to be released in both variants but ultimately the LN411 was chosen. I am unaware of records showing the Aeronavale markings being on the 411 but they’re what come with the kit and I decided to just go with it. Interestingly unlike a lot of aircraft the boxart shows the aircraft having camo that merges and blends – where as some aicraft have soft borders and other hard… French camo is wild!

Inside the box we get a nice selection of sprues, photoetch, and of course a vacuform canopy The vacuform canopy isn’t to be feared. They’re so intimidating but this was my third and it went swimmingly – so if you’re nervous trust me you can do it!

The sprues are nicely organised with wings on one side, fuselage on the other The quality is good – though I personally find that the detail is slightly easy to lose in the camoflague as there’s not a lot to this kit. I think overdramatising the fabric texture would’ve allowed it to show through more (see the Fiat G50 that I did). But that isn’t a bad thing – I also slightly over did the paint as only my third airbrushed model…oops!

Speaking of paint, I have become a bit of a convert! I know – sacrilege! I used to be extremely dependent on Revell Aqua Colors….yet I finally gave in and transferred my heart and soul to Lifecolor! I think I actually had the Italian set before for doing my SM79 and MC200 but I brush painted them for the most part!

These are lovely sets as you have everything you need for the main camo and I now have a couple of sets…but as we are in French February at the moment we’ll be focusing purely on the Armee de l’Air set!

The paint went on really easily. Light grey on the bottom was done after finishing the upper surfaces. The order I went was dark grey, brown, and green. It was messy because this was with my old needle/nozzle (I had an airbrush that I thought I’d lost for 3 years after moving, found it, and thought it was fine…it wasn’t). So sadly this isn’t my neatest model but don’t let that deter you! The paints and the model are great. For anyone wondering I have a Harder & Steinbeck Infinity CR Plus – now with a new needle and nozzle!

Now as for the last few pieces; weathering, decals, and canopy…not in that order!

The decals were sublime! Outside of Cartograph which you get with all Airfix kits (And many others) I don’t think I’ve ever had decals as high quality as these. They really were good quality! The canopy was also relatively easy. Just using a really slow but steady method of cutting off all the big edges, and then slowly getting closer and closer with my little sewing scissors In the end I was proud of how it looked and I just painted it with the dark grey with my smallest Revell Painta brush! Finally, weathering was done with Humbrol Black Enamel Weathering wash and a bit of Revell weathering powder (black). This was so it looked used but not abused. Plus to balance out my mistakes!

Finally…a satin coat and we have our tri-tailed beauty.


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