1/72 Scale Aerobatic Teams

Disclaimer: This is a constantly updated and ongoing list.

Aerobatic teams (or air display teams) captivate a lot of people’s imagination. They’re colourful, full of character, and extremely agile. Their close formations and smoke trails are a joy to watch. Although it may change in the near future (sadly), they also demonstrate a different array of aircraft – some which were only successful in their native country.

As a modeller, I love aerobatic teams. I love all aircraft modelling in my chosen scale (1/72), but I have a fascination and fixation on beautiful display team aircraft. As a UK resident some of the aircraft are so immensely promoted too – Red Arrows Hawk by Airfix – that it’s impossible to leave a store without one sometimes.

A wide range of manufacturers produce these kits. Some of them are only available in their native country or only made by an indigenous model kit manufacturer (much like the real life aircraft). These aircraft and teams are a subject of national pride and are very important to introduce the public to their defence force and are often use to sell aircraft abroad. This means that model kits are almost inevitable. In this whole list I was only able to find 2 aircraft that aren’t available as models or have never been made as model kits (though some are resin only) – this means I’m really sorry to India in particular as both their air display teams use the own aircraft. Hopefully someone will make a HAL Kiran in 1/72 some day!

This list is not absolute – other kits will be available. For the most part I took a ‘common sense’ approach and went for the kits that made the completion of the aircraft in display team colours as easy as possible. Where only decals are available or the decals are incomplete, I have said so where I am aware.

This was the work of a few weeks to try and get this as accurate as possible – but if you do notice any glaring mistakes then please, do let me know.

Click here to open the spreadsheet

Found something that I missed off or you think needs adding? Let me know email here!

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  1. Tom Werner Hansen says:

    How can we tell you about more options?


    1. Lexi Weston says:

      Send an email 🙂
      And I’ll add them.


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