Airfix’s Hurricane in 1/72; Unsung Hero!

At the start of the year I went to IWM Duxford for Airfix’s Unsung Hero event and during that visit I picked up Airfix’s Hurricane – something I’d been meaning to pick up and buy for many many years. However, the Hurricane had always just eluded my grasp. My original plan was to do a…

Scale Model World 2022; Returning to Form

Scale Model World 2022 was something I’ve looked forward to since Scale Model World 2021. Last years show was a massive deal for me. It was the first one since I returned to model making after a not insignificant break, and also due to the pandemic that we’d all endured for years at that point….

Midnight Hawks Anniversary Scheme 2017 by Dekl’s

The mighty Hawk is a staple of modern aviation. A symbol of Britian’s once rich and diverse aviation industry. Outliving all it’s counterparts (such as the Alpha Jet, C-101, and even MB 339) the Hawk was truely ahead of it’s time. Many airforces outside that of the manufacturer have become the biggest fans of aircraft….

Stash or Build?

Recently I’ve come into possession of a few ‘rarer’ models. Those which had limited production, and have come from companies which have collapsed. In one case, the kit’s moulds are disputed between 3 companies! This brought a massive issue to my mind; do I save these kits for when I feel more confident? Or delve…

1/72 Scale Aerobatic Teams

Disclaimer: This is a constantly updated and ongoing list. Aerobatic teams (or air display teams) captivate a lot of people’s imagination. They’re colourful, full of character, and extremely agile. Their close formations and smoke trails are a joy to watch. Although it may change in the near future (sadly), they also demonstrate a different array of…