Stash or Build?

Recently I’ve come into possession of a few ‘rarer’ models. Those which had limited production, and have come from companies which have collapsed. In one case, the kit’s moulds are disputed between 3 companies! This brought a massive issue to my mind; do I save these kits for when I feel more confident? Or delve into their loveliness and get started on what would be a long and careful build.

I decided to ask my fellow modellers what they thought.

46 people responded to “With a rare model, should you build it or add it to the stash for when you’re more confident.”

In my own experience, I was expecting an overwhelming ‘stash’ it response. If you look on the general internet you’ll find that model making can look and feel quite elitist. Thankfully, that’s decayed over time (and this community welcomes anyone -even me and my novice ways) but I still expected that response. It can feel like an overwhelming injustice and dissatisfying to make a rare kit and never get to build it again.

33 people did still suggest or feel that they would stash the kits. A lot of common responses were “I want to make sure I have time to improve and plan the build” and “you should wait until you feel you have control of the build.” Interestingly, though, 14 disagreed. The general consensus was that you might as well build it.

I can see this side of things – and indeed I’ve build kits that I probably should have ‘stashed’ for a bit. Like in a lot of life, it is sometimes best to build something you’re passionate about rather than something just because you feel you have to. I’m lucky – two of my favourite subjects (Alpha Jet and Iskra) are easy to come by and cheap. But others I like, like the SOKO G-4 Super Galeb are very rare.

Ultimately? I stashed. I didn’t want to risk a mistake and wanted these to be builds that look beautiful and last me. But I think for some of the other kits that I view as rare I’ll just build. Hell, I have doubles of some now anyway…and they are kits that are meant to be built anyway. Of course – you should just do what feels right for you.

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