Canadair CT-114 “Snowbird” Tutor | Hobbycraft 1/72

The CT-114 was one of the last projects indigenous to the Canadian military aviation industry. During the age were every nation wanted their industry to guarantee their own independence should another nation fall or political stance change. Canada is a nation that, I think, most neglect to think of when discussing indigenous aircraft. The politics of the Canadian aerospace industry has many parallels with Britain – with bold ambitions followed by seemingly purely political cancellations.

For anyone really interested in them, I have done a previous article on the Avro Arrow you can find here. Otherwise I thoroughly recommend Polyus Studios who is a great content greater on Youtube who is doing a series on the Canadian air industry as a whole.

As a relatively unknown set of aircraft the Canadian subjects have only been made by their native model maker – Hobbycraft Canada. Sadly this manufacturer is no more and no-one knows what has happened to the moulds. Rumour has it they were bought in South Korea, but no-one has seen them since. It means the kits go for pretty penny these days with hoarders and stashers keeping their scarcity in check.

The kit is beyond simple; a single piece for both wings, the fuselage only needing he cockpit inserted and tail control surfaces added. The most complex element of this kit is the cockpit which I feel says everything that you need to know about this model kit. If it wasn’t for the insanely high cost I’d say this kit was perfect for new starters…. maybe we should find the mould and crowd source a new one?

Even the painting o this kit is remarkably easy – smother with a dusting of white primer (I used Citadel/Warhammers) and use masking tape to divide where t he red paint should be. I used Revell Aqua Color 31 Feuerrot Fiery Red (…I mean do I ever use another red?) in thin layers building to a crescendo of nice passionate Canada Red. I used Revell tape too (purely as it’s cheap and easily accessible) and had very little bleed.

The decals however are the weak point of this entire kit. They are cheap. Dirt cheap. So they haven’t survived the aging process. I had to layer matt varnish on top in order to get them off the backing paper…but only once I’d already destroyed he really nice decals for the bottom of the aircraft. See the video at the top…but it was not a fun experience – yes, I cried!

I did get a nice finish in the end. I’m 99% sure m blue stripes were upside down…but I’ve just sort of accepted that they aren’t perfect and that it is what it is at this point. We are all human and we all make mistakes – it’s part of the model making process!

I finished the model with Revell’s clear gloss and I was happy with the finish. Popping on the canopy and painting it’s raised and overly thick panel lines – the model looked pretty good. I painted some luminous yellow or Leuchtgelb 312 on the area where glass parts/lights were going and they looks almost glowing!

Buy or Fly

I do recommend this kit overall but only if you are either experienced or have already conquered the fear. It is a really lovely kit – it’s just such a shame it goes for so much. Find it at model shows for €20 or so – do not waste the €40 it is often seen for on eBay.


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