Airfix F-35B 1/72 Starter Set

The F-35 is such a divisive aircraft. For some people it’s the crème de le crème. The future of manned combat aircraft. To other people, however, this is a disaster. Even though it’s combat effectiveness is being proven more and more, the legacy of it’s development and runaway costs have tainted the memory of many….

KP Avia B-35 in 1/72

The Avia company today is no longer a part of aviation like it was back in the post Great War years. A huge industry in central Europe, the Avia company made some iconic aircraft – but today’s subject was never one of them . Let’s explore this lost aviation piece and the kit that KP…

Helller MD 450 Dassault Ouragan

After the cold depths of WW2 there was a scramble for modernisation. The age of the propeller on the frontlines had peaked; the jet had been realised. Germany and the United Kingdom had fielded jets by the wars end, whilst occupied countries had to either depend on fallen technology or take a giant stride after…

Midnight Hawks Anniversary Scheme 2017 by Dekl’s

The mighty Hawk is a staple of modern aviation. A symbol of Britian’s once rich and diverse aviation industry. Outliving all it’s counterparts (such as the Alpha Jet, C-101, and even MB 339) the Hawk was truely ahead of it’s time. Many airforces outside that of the manufacturer have become the biggest fans of aircraft….