Shropshire Model Show at RAF Museum Cosford

RAF Cosford’s model show is perhaps one of the bigger shows in the country and shares similarity with Bovington’s model show (which I unfortunately could not attend this year) by having model clubs laced within the exhibits themselves.

The show is held at one of two RAF Museums in the United Kingdom. This one, RAF Cosford, is still on an active base (though partitioned off). It contains multiple old hangers to house aircraft alongside the new build ‘hanger’ for the Cold War Exhibit which famously contains (though cramped) all 3 V-Bombers.

This was my first time attending the show, as I only joined my local club last July – bringing me into the beautiful world of model shows! The show is pretty grand. It is neatly spread throughout the multiple hangers of the museum, with a fantastic mixture of SIGs and Model Clubs.

The show also brought traders from around the area (and country). Perhaps one of the most unique being Kingkit who do not do any other shows. Their stand was unique in selling a lot of kits with some parts missing (properly labelled, safe to say), and bargain kits which have no decals but are otherwise complete or just unboxed. I got myself a great buy that you’ll see on here soon!

Video 02-04-2017, 11 17 54
I thought this was rather funny from Kingkit.

The usual UK traders were present, but I’d say the variety gave it a more unique feel than some shows. What I loved was meeting someone from JFR Team Models – the famous French manufacturer of obscure aircraft (and of course French aircraft)! I spoke to them for a fair while and spent way too long admiring their catalogue and store.


The show lacked a competition this year, and I have been informed was smaller than last year due to a few requests from the museum itself. This is a shame, as I think that the museum helps give fantastic context to the miniature replicas we all love (and hate) to make! It also gave people the opportunity to see real life versions alongside their miniature marvels.

I hope that next year the show will continue, as I adored the environment. It was lovely to see more people who perhaps have never considered modelling see the insane variety on display. Below, as usual, you will find a few of my photos, but please follow the link to my Flickr to find the rest of them (click the images to be magically transported to the Flickr album ). Note that this is a random selection of pictures with some variety, as I wanted to show some diversity with no real bias.

144 SIG #4

West Riding (White Rose) #4

West Riding (White Rose) #1

West Berks #4

NRM Sci-fi #4

Wallingford Model Club #8

Wallingford Model Club #7

Wallingford Model Club #6

US Airforce SIG #5

South Atlantic SIG #3

South Atlantic SIG #1

Russian Wheel and Tracks SIG #2

Rhyl #2

NRM Sci-fi #1

North Somerset Modellers Society #4

Modern British Armour SIG

Mercia #4

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